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With one foot in the art world, kicking faces wildly, and the other one flashing a peace sign, PFFRhave consistently rousted the spectre of imperial/corporate omniscience with everything they’ve done over the past two decades, with a salty, crunchewy mix of prescience, nostalgia, intellect and idiocy forming anuncorruptible halo around their cheerful, disgusting iconoclasm. This handsome hardcover collection of golden-age PFFR comix and comeeks alike features 160 separate group-gropes showcasing all four members in each illustration. The book includes a download card allowing the purchaser access to the musical companion, PFFR LEGACY XXX: Soundtrack To The Book. To scratch the most from your arthouse cartooning itch, go away or go all the way in, to PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFR! 


Track list for soundtrack download:
1. Dark Louds
2. Stroytzeker
4. Make Out Room
5. Big Black Lips
6. KKaoSSS
7. Let's Make It Tonite
8. Doepple Ganger Banger
9. Ears Skippin (feat. Philip)
10. Oh Yeah
11. Ben Jones Never Forgaught
12. Honkey Horny
13. Phaedra's Theme



  • Hardcover book / 8"x9.5" / 160pp / Full-color / Includes download card for soundtrack audio.


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